How much money is there?

We are often asked “How much liquidity is there for acquisitions these days?”

You will be happy to know that a snapshot from the U.S. private equity market reveals there is three quarters of a trillion dollars in committed funds ready to buy your business.  And this is just one slice of the market, the private equity piece.

global private equity

Thank you to our friends at Fifth/Third Capital Markets for this insight![i]

The value of the record 50,600 of worldwide M&A deals in 2017 was $3.5 trillion according to the IMAA Institute[ii]:

m&A worldwide


And in North America, the 2,500 M&A deals were valued at $1.5 trillion

number m&A

What does this mean for you?

There is abundant liquidity in the markets.  Capital allocators are seeking candidates in record numbers to add to their portfolios.  When you get the call from Vertical Capital Advisors, listen!  This is the call you wanted the day you started your business, every entrepreneur’s dream!



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Joe Briner is the Managing Director of Vertical Capital Advisors LLC. He is a financial executive with 25+ years experience starting, growing and leading profitable businesses, most recently focusing on helping businesses of all types recover, grow and thrive.