The day after the most tumultuous presidential election in a lifetime, Americans and citizens of every country are redefining what leadership means.  It matters now more than ever who you have in your corner advising you.  It is easy to slip into the crowd, to go with the flow but that path rarely creates significant sustainable value in the long run.  In fact, it can be very detrimental to your enterprise.  Take a look at the screenshot below.  We hope that you were not one of the panicked hordes who drove the broad market indexes down substantially early this morning:

post-election-marketSource: Bloomberg

Because if you were, your panic was rewarded by missing the 1,000 point swing in the Dow from -800 at 2:00AM to +200 at 2:00PM.

If you have read more than one of our blog posts you know that we are focused on creating long-term sustainable value.  We acknowledge that there will be ups and downs – that is part of business life.  We will help you keep a firm hand on the wheel as you navigate the transformative events that lie ahead.  And there will be many more market gyrations in the immediate future and they probably will not be flash-crashes with immediate recoveries like the one today.

Be a leader.  Set the course for the long-term.  Don’t be distracted by temporary anomalies.  Now is a great time to be building capital reserves.  We can help you build the war chest so you can act decisively when opportunities arise – and they will arise.





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Joe Briner
Managing Director
Vertical Capital Advisors LLC

Author: JoeBriner

Joe Briner is the Managing Director of Vertical Capital Advisors LLC. He is a financial executive with 25+ years experience starting, growing and leading profitable businesses, most recently focusing on helping businesses of all types recover, grow and thrive.