Church Pastors Only, Please! Lender Liquidation Auction – Church Sanctuary

Alpharetta, GA 10/7/2016 –  This email title grabbed my heart this morning:

Lender Liquidation Auction – Church Sanctuary, Gym, Parsonage.

I checked it out.  This is a beautiful church.  It must have been the spiritual epicenter for hundreds of well to do families to have been so beautiful, inviting, spacious, pastoral.    Check it out:


And yet it will be auctioned to the highest bidder next Wednesday.

Pastors, stop what you are doing right now.  Before this fate is visited upon your congregation, please call us.    We have helped other churches restructure.  It doesn’t matter what state you are in, financially or geographically.  There is a solution.  Your lender does not want to end up auctioning your sanctuary.  It is the worst outcome for all parties.  Let us help you, guide you through the process.  We can’t guarantee the right outcome but we know who can!


Vertical Capital Advisors is a firm built on creating tangible value for our clients.  We work with clients in just about every industry.  And we work with both capital consumers and capital providers.

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