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Repeat Business & Referrals – The Ultimate Compliments

This blog was originally posted September 2, 2016

In the depths of the recession we helped scores of businesses restructure their financing so the company involved could live to fight another day.  We helped each company get lean and profitable by focusing on the core revenue and profitability drivers, especially strategic client relationships.

 Now that the economy has recovered we are seeing many business owners seeking a new round of permanent financing.  Most gratifying of all is the client who we helped survive the recession now flourishing and needing growth capital.   

In August we helped a wholesaler obtain new $1,500,000 financing at a fixed rate of 5%.  It may not seem like much but the new rate is over 20% lower than the previous rate that was over 6%.  This savings, on top of the $500,000 discount we negotiated five years ago, has transformed the company into a very profitable enterprise.  

This is a small example however this client is connected to over $10 million in other capital we have placed for other clients.  And for this particular, it means literally everything. 

We love the trust that we earn by securing sound financial futures and we love even more the repeat business and referral opportunities it generates.   To all of our clients, thank you from the Vertical Capital Advisors team!

Carolyn Briner